How to make your Dreamplan work

Ever thought about making your New Years Resolutions work? Well I have some ingredients for you to achieve your dreams. At least those are the ingredients I use already successfully for the last couple of years to attain my dreams:

(1) Write your dreams on paper

This helps me to vizualize my dream. As we all get distracted once in a while this is a great reminder to look at the goals we dream about to achieve 

(2) The dreams should be SMART

Setting up tangible dreams which are archivable given my current situation is the second key to achieve them

Specific: Be as specific as possible about your dream! 

Measurable: Think about how you can measure your goal. 

Attainable: Is your dream within your reach given your current situation?

Relevant: Is your dream relevant towards your purpose of life (e.g. here is my personal mission)? 

Time-Sensitive: Until when do you want to archive that dream (in general I set up my dreamplan up for one year as this is till a timeframe I can control)

(3) Set immediate action points for each dream

The third ingredient is the most powerful one. If you want to get your dreams fullfilled set immediate action points and start to walk in the direction of your dreams!

Well I hope this helps you to set up and accomplish your dreams in 2014. Happy New Year!!! Have an awesome new year 2014, where you can develop yourself and achieve some of your goals you have always dreamed off. Be your best in 2014!



If you have any thoughts or other ideas how to make your dreamplan work. Let me know and leave a comment 🙂

Here one example of my dreamplan for the year 2014:

Swim freestyle (crawling) as easily as breast swimming for 152 laps

Action points:

– Go swimming 1-2 times each week

– Participate in triathlon competitions (this always helps me to tackle my inner weaker self to participate in competitions as I have to practice for them …)

Set SMART goals and use action points to achive your dreamplan in 2014

Set SMART goals and use action points to achive your dreamplan in 2014

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