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Bronte2Bondi run

This famous coastal walk was many times my running track for the last couple of weeks here in Sydney.

Surf Australia

Surfing is an amazing sport for me and so in the past weeks I spend some days surfing on the beach. Most of the time I was surfing in the morning, which was amazing. Wake up just before sunrise and then see how the day starts in the city and on the beach. One day I arrived at 6:20am at Bondi Beach and the whole beach was already packed with people: Swimmers, Runners, Surfers, Exercise Groups, Boxing Groups, Walkers, Kayakers. It was amazing to see how many people are enjoying this amazing beach life and I had the honor to be part of it. Check out the video and support me …

Make your contribution to education facilities in Nicaragua which I’m going to help to build in April 2013. Thank you for your contribution and support on this project.

Summer in the City

The last couple of weeks I spend in Sydney enjoying the summer time in this amazing city. With great city beaches, Nature, National Parks, Culture events, Great Rock Pools and Friends.

Here some impressions:

Rock Pools in Sydney

One of the many wonderful things Sydney has to offer are the amazing rock pools where you can swim right next to the ocean and enjoy a save swim and a great scenery, some even offering sauna. Here some impressions from Bondi Iceberg, Bronte, Coogee and Olympic Swimming Pool:

Sydney City “Runlapse”

As you might know, I love running and especially in great scenery and today I got the chance to do this. Right after sunrise I went to the Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia and started my run which included: Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay, Harbour Bridge, Kirribilli, Milsons Point (including a boat trip back to Circular Quay) and the Royal Botanic Garden.

Tears of Joys

After the day I arrived in Sydney I went running and suddenly I had tears of joys in my eyes. How this happened I will tell you now …

Actually one year ago in Sydney I was reading a book and it was suggesting to take a piece of paper and write down in as much detail as possible how your perfect (work) day shall look like. I thought this is a great exercise and so the beginning was something like that:
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Travel trip to Sydney

As you might have figured out I love traveling 🙂 And especially the part when I met people on the way, telling me their stories. And I’m always impressed again and again … So what did this time happen on my trip from Alishan National Park in Taiwan to Sydney in Australia

First waiting for the bus in Alishan I bumped into James, an Aussi guy who I met one day ago at a hike where we had an awesome 4 hour talk about life and passions. And I learned something about the mining industry in Australia and cameras.

Then in the high speed train to Taipei my neighbour was a guy from Germany as well. For a 2 day business trip he came to Taiwan to promote machines for pharmaceutical products, very interesting again.

On the airplane I had another great neighbour this time a Chinese guy who is producing app games and is living in Sydney working 4 weeks remote from there and then 2 weeks in Peking. Very interesting and beside the passion of software development we both like to take pictures so I was getting another great lesson about cameras.

On the bus to the apartment in Sydney my neighbour was a woman from Nepal who moved to Sydney with her husband 8 month ago. And we had another great chat. She told me something about the cleaning process of aircrafts. I’m always amazed about the people I met and what story they have to tell.

What is your story? Who did you meet while traveling and what did you learn from them? Tell me your story, I’m curious 🙂

Here some pictures from my trip to Sydney …

Happy New Year from Sydney

Happy New Year from Sydney. Have an awesome year 2013 where as many as possible of your dreams come true.

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