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Surf Nicaragua

Beside the humbled experience in helping to build a high school in a remote coastal region in Nicaragua with Surf For Life and Waves of Hope, I had time in the early morning to do some surfing.

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Near Leon, Nicaragua I got the chance to participate at a Volcano Boarding. After a one hour drive from Leon we hiked one hour up the volcano. Then it was time to go 500 meter downhill. Wow what a great fun experience πŸ™‚

Here some impressions from the daytrip:

Helping to build a school in Nicaragua

In April I got the chance to participate at an volunteer project from “Surf for Life” and “Waves of Hope” in Nicaragua. Thank you for your continuous support and donation for this amazing project. Now that I have been there I can tell for sure that your donation will have a great positive impact on the community there in Nicaragua.

It was such an humbled experience to see how people, who have only little resources and infrastructure, try to improve there lives by education and working hard. In the community where the high school is now build there is currently no economic system (no supermarket, no other services were people could spend there earned money) so all the money is currently going to the city which doesn’t help the community. Unemployment in Nicaragua is between 50 and 80%(!!!) depending on the age group.

The new high-school is also used as a vocational training center to educate the students to become bakers, mechanics, hairstylists or organic farmers. Giving them the opportunity to grow their own economic community system in the future.

If you have the chance support Waves of Hope and thus this community. Great small things are happening here!

Help to build a school

Donation Status 2013-04-09 at 12.12.53

Just received another contribution and now the current status is 1.515$US.Β Thank you so much for Β all your support to this awesome project in Nicaragua.

Only 10 days left till the project starts and it would be great if you could support. Only 485$US are missing to archive the fundraising goal. Can you help? Where else do you get the possibility to donate and see the impact of your donation happening right away!

Here the link to the donation page: Β

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