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Surf Hong Kong

Hong Kong next place to try some surfing. After Finland where surfing was quit hard (see post here) especially with no ocean and a lot of snow.

Hong Kong is temperature wise  already getting better for surfing and they have nice beaches all around the island. Small challenges here as well: no waves … So off again for some practicing without getting on a real surf board.

Please support me with a donation for the “Surf for Life” eduction project in April 2013 in Nicaragua. 175US$ of the goal of 2000US$ are already donated. Thank you for your support! More background information on this project can be found here: https://www.surfforlife.org/give/Sven-Koble/

Hong Kong Stopover

4 days in Hong Kong. Short time for such a thrilling city , maybe that’s why I was greeted with rain and 15°C (what did one of the passengers behind me said: “Well a bit cold for Hong Kong but hopefully I have a heater in the room.”

With a second view this was perfect weather to get rid of the Jetleg as it was 6 hours difference to Finland. And after getting out of the hotel, what a great city: Skyscrapers everywhere, Shopping and eating possibilities everywhere, Next beach not far away, Views to the city amazing, boat trips to cross to Hong Kong island great view.

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