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Surfing in Hawaii

After surfing in Finland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia, I got the chance to surf with Ambrose, a surf guru here in Kaua’i, Hawaii. And what a great surf lesson. After arranging the surf lesson the day before we met at 7am at the beach to check out the weather and he was already starting the surf lesson there, explaining me the weather conditions and a lot of other great life lessons.

Then it was time to find a suitable beach for our surf lesson. And what great waves we found, for my surf abilities: awesome!!! Check out the video and some pictures.

Please support me with a donation for the “Surf for Life” project where I help to build a high school in April 2013 in Nicaragua. Thank you very much for your contribution to this project! More background information can be found here: https://www.surfforlife.org/give/Sven-Koble/

Jumping Dolphins in Kaua’i

The Na Pali coast in Kaua’i, Hawaii was the setting for this day. With a sail boat and great crew we went to check out the Na Pali coast. And there was again great encounter with wildlife. First we saw some whales and then some jumping dolphins, awesome! Well although the cruise was great my not water proofed camera did get a bit to much of salt water and stopped working. Here the last pictures with that camera …

Waimea Town Festival

22nd and 23rd of February 2013 and it was time for the Waimea Town Festival here in Kaua’i, Hawaii. And what a great fun event. Waking up at 4:30am to get ready for the Captain Cook Caper Fun Run over 5km. At 6am registration for the event and then with the bus to the start line. Start at 7am and running into the sunrise. Wow this was amazing and maybe that’s why I ran so fast: 18:25min

After the winner ceremony it was time to check out the Towns Celebration Venue. With great music and good food. Very relaxing atmosphere. As they where still looking for participants for the ice cream contest in my age group I joint in last minute. Sitting next to a guy who was very serious about that competition. 2min time to finish the ice cream. He finished it after 1:45min. Wow! And I was still enjoying the ice cream 🙂 Guess what the winner won? Yeah right: ICE CREAM!!!

At the venue I met a very friendly Norwegian couple with there two kids which I met on the airport more than a week ago. We had great conversations and thus another great day here in Hawaii. Check out some pictures:

Thank you for your Birthday wishes

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes from around the world. I had a great day, starting with sounds of wave from the ocean and a great run on the beach. Then some healthy breakfast (at least the carot cake sounded healthy :P), talking and messaging to friends and family, enjoying the day in a spa and talking to a surf guru here in Hawaii who will take me surfing tomorrow.

Donation Status 2013-02-19 at 19.33.13If you haven’t figured out a birthday present yet 😉 Here is an idea and the awesome part of that present: You become a part of my trip. How good is that! As you might know I’m traveling to Nicaragua in April to help building a school in a coastal area. With your support now, we will have sufficient material to build the school. How awesome is that!

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