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La Fortuna

After 5 weeks in amazing Montezuma, I continued my journey in Costa Rica. This time to La Fortuna a region with a volcano. The first impression of La Fortuna was that the best time here is already over, maybe because the volcano is currently not active … But I went on a great hike and the nature was amazing again. In the evening I went to a Hot Spring which was nice πŸ™‚ Here some impressions:

Volcano National Park, Big Island

What an awesome park on Big Island. Great hikes like theΒ Kilauea Iki Trail, including a walk thru Rain forest and a crater. Then seeing lava glowing at night time, a street covered with lava. Just awesome scenery! Here some picture impressions:

SUP – Stand Up Paddling in Hawaii

Stand Up Paddling or short SUP is a very famous sport in Hawaii and my couchsurfing friend Jen introduced me to this sport on a Saturday morning in Kihei, Maui. The board was 25$ for 2 hours with a brief introduction how to do SUP. Basically you are standing on a big surf board and you have a paddle to navigate yourself around. Here some impressions from a sport which is very good for your balance and body and just great to be on the water and enjoy the scenery. We even got to see a baby whale nearby.

Pu’u’ula’ula Mountain Sunrise in Maui

Wow what a great spectacle on Pu’u’ula’ula Mountain in Haleakala National Park. After catching the sunset the evening before and sleeping at the summit (Thanks to my couchsurfer friend Jen I had enough blankets for the night) at

5:30am and the nightly sky awakes with hints of red on the horizon. Watching this at 10.000 ft and above the clouds awesome! Check out some pictures and the timelapse video from my trip to the top of Maui.

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