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Bahamas Part 2

After New York it was back to the Bahamas for another 2 days and I had already booked a full day trip with Powerboat Adventures to one of the outer islands with a speed boat and what aΒ great action day:

Feeding iguanas at a remote beach, feeding stingrays and snorkeling with sharks. Great food and I met very nice people and had some great chats! Awesome last day on my around the world trip.

Snorkeling with turtles

In Maui and on Big Island I got the chance to swim with turtles. Very graceful creatures and very delightful to watch.

Night Snorkel with Manta’s on Big Island

What an amazing encounter with Manta Rays at Kona Coast on Big Island, Hawaii. The boat tour started at 5pm and just before sunset we were at the spot where at night time often Manta Rays go for feeding. Manta Rays are very graceful animals hunting plankton all day and night.

And as plankton likes light we were soon in the water holding onto a surf board with light bulbs attracting plankton which as you can imagine attracted the Manta Rays. And over years the Manta’s have figured out that they can eat the most plankton if they do a roll. Very amazing to see them so close.

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