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Help to build a school

Donation Status 2013-04-09 at 12.12.53

Just received another contribution and now the current status is 1.515$US. Thank you so much for  all your support to this awesome project in Nicaragua.

Only 10 days left till the project starts and it would be great if you could support. Only 485$US are missing to archive the fundraising goal. Can you help? Where else do you get the possibility to donate and see the impact of your donation happening right away!

Here the link to the donation page:  https://www.surfforlife.org/give/Sven-Koble/

Postcard from Around the World

Wow I got so many Postcards and would love to send them out. Here is the deal:

Support the high-school building in Nicaragua with a donation and you receive a Postcard from around the world

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