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Surf Nicaragua

Beside the humbled experience in helping to build a high school in a remote coastal region in Nicaragua with Surf For Life and Waves of Hope, I had time in the early morning to do some surfing.

Helping to build a school in Nicaragua

In April I got the chance to participate at an volunteer project from “Surf for Life” and “Waves of Hope” in Nicaragua. Thank you for your continuous support and donation for this amazing project. Now that I have been there I can tell for sure that your donation will have a great positive impact on the community there in Nicaragua.

It was such an humbled experience to see how people, who have only little resources and infrastructure, try to improve there lives by education and working hard. In the community where the high school is now build there is currently no economic system (no supermarket, no other services were people could spend there earned money) so all the money is currently going to the city which doesn’t help the community. Unemployment in Nicaragua is between 50 and 80%(!!!) depending on the age group.

The new high-school is also used as a vocational training center to educate the students to become bakers, mechanics, hairstylists or organic farmers. Giving them the opportunity to grow their own economic community system in the future.

If you have the chance support Waves of Hope and thus this community. Great small things are happening here!

Surf Costa Rica

In Costa Rica I finally got the chance to surf on a regular base actually it was 5 weeks of surfing in Montezuma. 4 weeks surfing lessons and one week surf safari.

On 20th of April 2013 I join Surf For Life to help to build a high school in Nicaragua. Please support me with a small donation for the “Surf for Life” project. Every amount makes a difference for the kids in Nicaragua. The donation page with background information can be found here: https://www.surfforlife.org/give/Sven-Koble/

Every day I felt improvements and every day I was muscle sore from the paddeling, standing up on the board. Amazing. The feeling was awesome mostly on beaches without a lot of people, awesome waves, amazing nature and wildlife. My favorite beside riding the waves: watching pelicans passing by only a couple of meters from where I was waiting for the next wave to catch. Or watching monkeys in the tree eating mangos next to where we waxed the boards. Here some impressions:

Help to build a school

Donation Status 2013-04-09 at 12.12.53

Just received another contribution and now the current status is 1.515$US. Thank you so much for  all your support to this awesome project in Nicaragua.

Only 10 days left till the project starts and it would be great if you could support. Only 485$US are missing to archive the fundraising goal. Can you help? Where else do you get the possibility to donate and see the impact of your donation happening right away!

Here the link to the donation page:  https://www.surfforlife.org/give/Sven-Koble/

Surfing in Hawaii

After surfing in Finland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia, I got the chance to surf with Ambrose, a surf guru here in Kaua’i, Hawaii. And what a great surf lesson. After arranging the surf lesson the day before we met at 7am at the beach to check out the weather and he was already starting the surf lesson there, explaining me the weather conditions and a lot of other great life lessons.

Then it was time to find a suitable beach for our surf lesson. And what great waves we found, for my surf abilities: awesome!!! Check out the video and some pictures.

Please support me with a donation for the “Surf for Life” project where I help to build a high school in April 2013 in Nicaragua. Thank you very much for your contribution to this project! More background information can be found here: https://www.surfforlife.org/give/Sven-Koble/

Postcard from Around the World

Wow I got so many Postcards and would love to send them out. Here is the deal:

Support the high-school building in Nicaragua with a donation and you receive a Postcard from around the world

Thank you for your Birthday wishes

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes from around the world. I had a great day, starting with sounds of wave from the ocean and a great run on the beach. Then some healthy breakfast (at least the carot cake sounded healthy :P), talking and messaging to friends and family, enjoying the day in a spa and talking to a surf guru here in Hawaii who will take me surfing tomorrow.

Donation Status 2013-02-19 at 19.33.13If you haven’t figured out a birthday present yet 😉 Here is an idea and the awesome part of that present: You become a part of my trip. How good is that! As you might know I’m traveling to Nicaragua in April to help building a school in a coastal area. With your support now, we will have sufficient material to build the school. How awesome is that!

Surf Australia

Surfing is an amazing sport for me and so in the past weeks I spend some days surfing on the beach. Most of the time I was surfing in the morning, which was amazing. Wake up just before sunrise and then see how the day starts in the city and on the beach. One day I arrived at 6:20am at Bondi Beach and the whole beach was already packed with people: Swimmers, Runners, Surfers, Exercise Groups, Boxing Groups, Walkers, Kayakers. It was amazing to see how many people are enjoying this amazing beach life and I had the honor to be part of it. Check out the video and support me …

Make your contribution to education facilities in Nicaragua which I’m going to help to build in April 2013. Thank you for your contribution and support on this project.

Surf for Life

Today I would like to introduce you to Surf for Life, an non profit organization sponsoring educational and community driven development projects in coastal communities mainly in Central America. But here is first the story how I found this organization …

Back in November 2012 in Germany I was about to get ready for my 6 month around the world trip and at the workplace they were setting up a table soccer tournament. Together with my friend we wanted to participate and eventually came up with our team name: “Surf for Life”. We thought that was a perfect name for our team as she is passionate about Kite-Surfing and I love surfing.

So in the evening I thought: Let’s do a google search for this name and there it was “Surf For Life” an non profit organization sponsoring educational and community driven development projects in coastal communities mainly in Central America. Check out there video:

And in Spring 2013, they have a new volunteer project in Nicaragua and what a coincidence I’m in Central America by this time and thus I was very happy to contribute to the project by volunteering one week at the End of April 2013 to this project to help to give hope to many kids to get a high school education and thus help there communities to thrive and develop in the future.

Donation Status Surf For Life 2013-01-16All costs for the volunteer week are already covered by me and Now I need your support. I’m fundraising to help with the costs of the construction and materials and wanted to know if you would like to help me with a donation? The goal is to raise at least 2000US$. If you can spare some money to help to build a school in Manzanillo, Nicaragua and help that kids get a possibility for a basic education then please donate via the following site

Thank you in advance for your support! I will keep you updated about this project.

Surf Taiwan

Or more precise: Surf in Daxi, Taiwan at Honeymoon Bay

After Finland and Hong Kong now the third try to do some real surfing. This time on the north east coast of Taiwan in the little village of Daxi. 1,5h trip from Taipei by train (train fee: 2,5€) I arrived and went to the Spider Surf Club and met Quake my surf couch for the next 2 days.

We immediately scheduled in a 2 hour private surf lesson for the afternoon. And yes this was a very demanding 2 hours for me. First one hour and 30min some practicing on the floor and his specially designed surf board. Then already being quite exhausted another 30min in the water.

One day later another 2 hour lesson this time at an other beach with smaller waves but better for me as a beginner and I caught some nice waves, yeah 🙂

Please support me with a donation for the “Surf for Life” eduction project in April 2013 in Nicaragua. 345US$ of the goal of 2000US$ are already donated. Thank you very much for your contribution to this project! Keep it up, 17% of the donation goal are already reached. Your support means a lot to me! More background information on this project can be found here: https://www.surfforlife.org/give/Sven-Koble/

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