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Surf Nicaragua

Beside the humbled experience in helping to build a high school in a remote coastal region in Nicaragua with Surf For Life and Waves of Hope, I had time in the early morning to do some surfing.

Surf Costa Rica

In Costa Rica I finally got the chance to surf on a regular base actually it was 5 weeks of surfing in Montezuma. 4 weeks surfing lessons and one week surf safari.

On 20th of April 2013 I join Surf For Life to help to build a high school in Nicaragua.ย Please support me with a small donation for the “Surf for Life” project. Every amount makes a difference for the kids in Nicaragua. The donation page with background information can be found here:ย https://www.surfforlife.org/give/Sven-Koble/

Every day I felt improvements and every day I was muscle sore from the paddeling, standing up on the board. Amazing. The feeling was awesome mostly on beaches without a lot of people, awesome waves, amazing nature and wildlife. My favorite beside riding the waves: watching pelicans passing by only a couple of meters from where I was waiting for the next wave to catch. Or watching monkeys in the tree eating mangos next to where we waxed the boards. Here some impressions:

Pura Vida

What a great tiny town is Montezuma on the Peninsula of Nicoya, Costa Rica. Here I spent 5 weeks to enjoy the “Pura Vida” (Pure life, slogan used from Costa Rician people to express their laid back lifestyle).

With so many things to enjoy and do this was a great treat for body and soul: Surfing, learning spanish, beaches, waterfall hike, Poi show on Thursday night, Cinema at 7:30pm, delicious food in the restaurants, Saturday market in the central park, zip lining, running on the beach, great conversations with fellow travelers, relaxing with the sounds of waves. Here some more impressions from the paradise like town:

Spanish and Surfing in Montezuma

Wow what a great setting to learn spanish and surfing. In a paradise like village called Montezuma on the Peninsula de Nicoya in Costa Rica. In the school “La Escuela del Sol” I take spanish and surfing classes.

A very well treat for body and mindย and an awesome surf instructor who has a lot of great analogies ready to not only teach you about surfing but also about life.ย All this is accompanied with 30+ยฐC and sunshine.ย After 2 hours surfing and 4+ hours of spanish (with two great energetic spanish teachers Wendy and Andrea) it is time to get some food.

The food in the tiny town is so delicious. They even have a restaurant where you have dinner and then they show a cinema film at 7:30pm. Here some impressions from my time in Montezuma:

Surfing in Hawaii

After surfing in Finland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia, I got the chance to surf with Ambrose, a surf guru here in Kaua’i, Hawaii. And what a great surf lesson. After arranging the surf lesson the day before we met at 7am at the beach to check out the weather and he was already starting the surf lesson there, explaining me the weather conditions and a lot of other great life lessons.

Then it was time to find a suitable beach for our surf lesson. And what great waves we found, for my surf abilities: awesome!!! Check out the video and some pictures.

Please support me with a donation for the “Surf for Life” project where I help to build a high school in April 2013 in Nicaragua. Thank you very much for your contribution to this project! More background information can be found here: https://www.surfforlife.org/give/Sven-Koble/

Thank you for your Birthday wishes

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes from around the world. I had a great day, starting with sounds of wave from the ocean and a great run on the beach. Then some healthy breakfast (at least the carot cake sounded healthy :P), talking and messaging to friends and family, enjoying the day in a spa and talking to a surf guru here in Hawaii who will take me surfing tomorrow.

Donation Status 2013-02-19 at 19.33.13If you haven’t figured out a birthday present yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here is an idea and the awesome part of that present: You become a part of my trip. How good is that! As you might know I’m traveling to Nicaragua in April to help building a school in a coastal area. With your support now, we will have sufficient material to build the school. How awesome is that!

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