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Hong Kong Stopover

4 days in Hong Kong. Short time for such a thrilling city , maybe that’s why I was greeted with rain and 15°C (what did one of the passengers behind me said: “Well a bit cold for Hong Kong but hopefully I have a heater in the room.”

With a second view this was perfect weather to get rid of the Jetleg as it was 6 hours difference to Finland. And after getting out of the hotel, what a great city: Skyscrapers everywhere, Shopping and eating possibilities everywhere, Next beach not far away, Views to the city amazing, boat trips to cross to Hong Kong island great view.

Surf in Finland

Well probably not the best country to start when you want to do surfing on the beach, especially at winter time. But with some improvising it was possible to do some practice moves in snowy Finland to get me prepared for my “Surf for Life” 🙂 Surf For Life (www.surfforlife.org) is a non-profit organization that […]

The adventure begins …

… already in Munich. As my day of departure was also the day to handover my apartment and to have my last working day. So the whole day from 6am onwards was pretty organized. So a flight delay of 2 hours was very good as I could do some phone calls before leaving the country […]

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