Travel trip to Sydney

As you might have figured out I love traveling 🙂 And especially the part when I met people on the way, telling me their stories. And I’m always impressed again and again … So what did this time happen on my trip from Alishan National Park in Taiwan to Sydney in Australia

First waiting for the bus in Alishan I bumped into James, an Aussi guy who I met one day ago at a hike where we had an awesome 4 hour talk about life and passions. And I learned something about the mining industry in Australia and cameras.

Then in the high speed train to Taipei my neighbour was a guy from Germany as well. For a 2 day business trip he came to Taiwan to promote machines for pharmaceutical products, very interesting again.

On the airplane I had another great neighbour this time a Chinese guy who is producing app games and is living in Sydney working 4 weeks remote from there and then 2 weeks in Peking. Very interesting and beside the passion of software development we both like to take pictures so I was getting another great lesson about cameras.

On the bus to the apartment in Sydney my neighbour was a woman from Nepal who moved to Sydney with her husband 8 month ago. And we had another great chat. She told me something about the cleaning process of aircrafts. I’m always amazed about the people I met and what story they have to tell.

What is your story? Who did you meet while traveling and what did you learn from them? Tell me your story, I’m curious 🙂

Here some pictures from my trip to Sydney …

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