Tears of Joys

After the day I arrived in Sydney I went running and suddenly I had tears of joys in my eyes. How this happened I will tell you now …

Actually one year ago in Sydney I was reading a book and it was suggesting to take a piece of paper and write down in as much detail as possible how your perfect (work) day shall look like. I thought this is a great exercise and so the beginning was something like that:

7am: Wake up well rested after a good night sleep with the sounds of wave in a house next to the beach. Do sport on the beach for 1 hour …

Well this goes on and on till 11pm and in that book they said that it is hard to change your life from one day to another, well very true … After 5 to 10 years a lot of people had a look back on that paper and were very surprised how close the description was.

Back to my first day after I arrived in Sydney…

7am: I woke up well rested with the sounds of wave from Bronte Beach. Put on my running shoes and started to run. Seeing the ocean, the beach and the coastal track from Bronte to Bondi

I couldn’t hold back with tears of joy as after one year parts of my perfect day are coming true. That’s amazing!

Give it a try as well and write down your perfect day and tell me some day if your life is progressing in this direction as well.

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5 responses to “Tears of Joys”

  1. Michel Löhr (@1ohr) says :

    Hi Sven,

    In regards to your tears & way of life, I guess you (and fellwo blog readers) would be interested in:


  2. Kerstin says :

    Sven, I just feel so happy for you. So happy that even I have tears in my eyes right now. I hope you’ll continue your journey with a lot of joy and happiness. and of course with great people that make you happy.
    all the best. XX

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